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The get-together has already started.

You are invited!

From August we are back after summer vacation and can meet again with our colleagues. This calls for a celebration!

The keyword will be “hygge” and there will be food, drinks and music.

The event has a max capacity – so register for your ticket now!

20 August 2021

at 12:00 - 15:00


We will transform Universitetsparken into a giant hub of “hygge”. Every department will get their own area to socialize with colleagues all afternoon.

Click on picture, to see where your NAT department is placed.


Nice to know


We will send you an SMS when your meal is ready in the food tents.

Also make sure to tell us, if you have any food preferences.


You will have 3 drink tickets you can use during the afternoon. 

You can use them for:
– Beer
– Soda
– Wine

You can get coffee all day – and if you would like a coffee speciality you can buy one in the coffee cart.

If you would like more drinks, you can buy more with MobilePay.

After Lounge

After 15:00, we will keep our hygge hubs open until 18:00. You and your colleagues are more than welcome to stay and “hygge”.

You can also buy different dried snacks.


If you should be unable to attend, please send us an email with you cancellation to